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We take all savings realised from the highly advanced Anix Building System (ABS) ™ and transfer it to our customers to offer the most competitive and affordable building solution in Southern Africa.

Technologically Advanced

Anix Homes utilises the patented and advanced Anix Building System (ABS)™ to achieve faster construction times, minimise wastage and attain cheaper overall cost of construction right from foundation to commissioning.


At Anix Homes™ we believe housing should not be a luxury but a right. That is why all our housing units are offered at more competitive prices.

Anix Home's Story

Anix Homes™ was founded after years of research and development through Anix™ Engineering Pvt Ltd.

We have invested over 500,000 USD with 4 companies working in collaboration to achieve the most advanced and cost effective building system in Southern Africa. We are self funded through projects executed for our parent company, ABC Ltd who boast a strong portfolio in construction, supply chain, manufacturing and renewable technologies.

We utilised AI ( Artificial Intelligence) technology and BIM ( Building Information Modelling) through our sister company Anix™ Technologies (A member of ABC Ltd) to create algorithms that blend data in construction, design, supply chain, estimates, and labour and management.

This data was collected on numerous hands on projects executed for our parent company ABC Ltd on projects with clients like the US Embassy, Lafarge Cement Malawi Ltd, Puma Energy Ltd, VIVO Energy Ltd, ENGEN Ltd, NAC, SOS Children’s Village, CCAP etc.

Through this data and technology, we were able to design, develop and perfect; from the ground up, a building system and business model that assures at least 35 times cheaper overall construction cost , 75% reduction in use of wood, 50% faster to construction and supply chain times and a guaranteed cost for each housing unit developed by Anix Homes using the Anix Building System (ABS)™ technology.

We believe this is a cornerstone of good standards of living and development.

We utilise the most advance technology in design, construction and management. Learn more about the Anix Building System. (ABS)™.

Development Sectors.

The core of Anix Homes business model is for residential housing needs which comes in 3 offers to carter for different needs and different economic standards. These are Anix Starter Homes, Anix Basic Homes and Anix Premium Homes.

Our commitment to creating positive change allows us to partner with NGO’s from project inception to execution to allow them utilise our years worth of research and solutions to accelerate their own goals in construction needs.

Anix Communities set to launch the first phases by 2020 is the first of its kind and state of the art in design, engineering and construction of a sustainable neighbourhood approach.

Featured Works.

Anix Homes Projects developed by the Anix Building System (ABS), powered by Anix Technologies Ltd.

Values and Testimonials

  • I enjoyed working with these guys through they’re parent company ABC Ltd for renovation of staff houses. I really appreciated there pro active and innovative approach all through out the construction process from there intelligent use of wood and the remarkable premium kitchen unit designed our of concrete.

    Project and Maintenance Manager
    Lafarge Cement Malawi Ltd
  • To truly innovate is to find an “effective” solution to a problem. That was our guide when we incepted Anix Homes after investing through 500,000 USD in 4 years for research and development to perfect the Anix Building System ™. We innovate for positive change. We innovate to offer our knowledge and research to help everyone.

    Group Technical Director and Founder
    ABC Ltd
  • We can not emphasise enough the need and importance of affordable decent housing. At Anix Homes we believe this is a cornerstone of good standards of living and development. We do not believe in suburb and ghetto classification. We are all human; no race, no colour, no classification. We believe that we all deserve equal opportunity to a better life and a better home.

    Group Managing Director
    ABC Ltd.
  • We would like to express our deepest satisfaction with your overall standards of quality and work ethic for all projects done for VIVO to date. The MD and consultants are also happy. we hope you uphold these standards.

    Marketing Manager
    VIVO Energy Ltd Malawi

Our Research, Development Partners and Clients.

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