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Government and Public Housing

Anix Homes appreciates the effort and impact that civil servants offer to the growth and development of our country. Hence we innovate specifically to serve those that serve us greater; the teachers, police, soldiers, doctors and nurses in our public hospitals. We look to offer you a decent home to regenerate after a great service for your country everyday.

Government and Public Housing

Anix Homes has partnered with Government institutions to assist in the adoption of the Anix Building System(ABS) towards the needs of public housing with a shortfall of 100,000 housing units and 10,000 new housing units annually according to statistics provided by Malawi Housing Corporation. We strongly use our research and technology to allow the lowest income earning household a chance to own a decent home. We believe homes are more than just a house but rather a solitude of belonging and safety that every man, woman and child needs to be entitled to.


Our system is being largely tested and adopted by the military for quicker and more accurate deployments in response to natural disasters and setting up of security camps. We have also worked with the Police and Education institutions to allow an affordable housing scheme for all qualifying employees that guarantees reduced on going maintenance, very flexible payment terms and a guaranteed price structure. These have allowed the public institutions roll out these housing schemes without needing heavy international financing.

Anix Homes through ABC Ltd, looks to release all its knowledge from the years of research and development for free use to all probable beneficiaries to enhance and accelerate the residential real estate industry in the country. We believe solutions with positive impact should be accessible to everyone regardless of colour, state, economy or beliefs. 

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