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Charity and Churches

To who much is given; much is also expected.

Charity and Churches

Our work with charity and religious organizations are similar to our offerings for Non Governmental Organisations. But in addition to this, we have a special pricing consideration in using our system to allow the great work and positive influence that these institutions. 

We have worked with SOS Children’s Village using this business model in construction of disability access points in some of the most remote and hard to access areas in Malawi. We were still able to execute these projects in record time and within sometimes even below their anticipated budget.

At this moment the Anix Building System (ABS) proved to be fully functional and so the data collected in these projects were used to help in a smooth execution of a similar nature of World Bank funded project at Limbe, Soche and Chimembe Health Centres under the management of National Aids Commission. 

Our beliefs on Charity and Religious Organization.

To who much is given, much is also expected. This is the core of our vision and passion when we developed this system. What ever we do at ANIX Homes all its collective sister companies is meant to be freely offered to the benefit of the majority. These values align well with religious and charity organisations in most of the goals that they seek to achieve. This is why we offer our solution for free to such organisations.

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