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About Us

Anix Homes is a member of ABC Ltd and first commercial beneficiary of the Anix Building System (ABS)™. A locally developed system for low cost construction.


Anix Homes™ was founded after years of research and development through Anix™ Engineering Pvt Ltd. We have invested over 500,000 USD with 4 companies working in collaboration to achieve the most advanced and cost effective building system in Southern Africa. We are self funded through projects executed for our parent company, ABC Ltd who boast a strong portfolio in construction, supply chain, manufacturing and renewable technologies.

We utilised AI technology and big data analytics through our sister company Anix™ Technologies(A member of ABC Ltd) to create algorithms that blend data in construction design, supply chain, estimates, and labour.

This data was collected on numerous hands on projects executed for our parent company ABC Ltd on projects with clients like the US Embassy, Lafarge Cement Malawi Ltd, Puma Energy Ltd, VIVO Energy Ltd, ENGEN Ltd, NAC, SOS Children’s Village, CCAP etc.

Through this data and technology, we were able to design, develop and perfect; from the ground up, a building system and business model that assures at least 35% savings in overall construction , 75% reduction in use of wood, 50% faster to construction and supply chain times and a guaranteed cost for each housing unit developed by Anix Homes using the Anix Building System (ABS)™ technology.

We believe this is a cornerstone of good standards of living and development.

Low Cost


We take all savings realised from the highly advanced Anix Building System (ABS)™ and transfer it to our customers to offer the most competitive and affordable building solution in Southern Africa.

Technologically Advanced


Anix Homes utilises the advanced Anix Building System (ABS)™ to achieve faster construction times, minimise wastage and cheaper overall cost of construction right from foundation to commissioning.



Anix Homes offers innovative payment models with up-to 10 years payment period with virtually 0% interest. We believe decent housing should not be a luxury rather it should be a right.

Important Statistics

A quick insight into the development of the revolutionary Anix Building System (ABS)™.

USD in research
Projects done.
Companies Collaboration.
Years of Development
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